Technology & Research

In Artemis R&I we develop AI apps for the Healthcare and Heritage sectors utilising Machine/Deep Learning Methods developing patient stratification engines and recommendation systems as well as solutions for document image analysis.

Our team has developed a prototype endoscopy pill with all the necessary components (camera, radio transceiver, power supply) and has successfully verified in-vitro its functionality by transmitting photos and video to a portable exterior receiver.

Our air quality platforms can monitor a variety of gasses and chemicals such as: LPG, CO, CO2, NH4, H2, CH4, temperature, humidity and more. The platform can be applied in indoor locations such as: living rooms, warehouses, laboratories etc and outdoor locations such as: balconies, parks, forest areas etc.

In Artemis R&I, we are actively involved in the development of planar and conformal metamaterial absorbers, including textile-based absorbers, for protecting equipment and personnel in electromagnetically hazardous areas. By using metamaterial designs, instead of conventional absorbing materials, we aim at delivering wideband light weight equipment with unprecedented functionality.